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N tier Installation

n layer (abp) Architecture Installation Guide Step by Step

  • Open your project in Visual Studio 2013
  • Click on 'Show all Files' icon like below
  • Then Include folder which given below image

  • After Include Clean and 2 time Rebuild your solution
  • Then open Your opened project.Web solution web.config in visual studio and change your sql server connection string and give new database name.
  • Then select 'Tools' menu >> 'Nuget Package Manager' >> 'Package Manager Console'
  • then type here command :- add-migration initial  like as below and press enter

  • after created your migration then Rebuild your solution again
  • then run one more command in Package Manager Console
  • type next command 'Update-database' like below

  • now your application is ready to use just build and run in your web browser
  • login page will be open like below as per your selected theme

  • In sql server create User in User Table and and add entry in RoleUser Table.

  • Now your configuration is done
  • Now you are admin user you can add more roles user
  • You can assign menu and menu-permission to users ,users roles and to specific user
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